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Over the last 10 years I have been successfully guiding people on a raw and living foods lifestyle through the most amazing transformations. I have been privileged to witness the shedding of excess weight, the healing from chronic illness, the disappearance of years off a person’s face and body - and the restoration of a vibrant, powerful, passion for life.

These authentic, almost magical inner and outer transformations have left me in awe of the innate intelligence that dwells within each of us. There is no doubt every human being has been gifted with the greatest creative and healing forces with which we can manifest our dreams and repair and rejuvenate our bodies, hearts and minds - no matter what our age.

We are meant to live a joyful, kind-hearted life with a healthy, youthful body and spirit. We have been given a home that provides all we need to make this possible. We have the warm, healing rays of the sun, sparkling pure water and clean air. We have been given a bountiful supply of exquisite plants and fruits – raw and living foods. And we have beautiful animals and of course, each other to care for, share with and love. Nothing else on this earth is more medicinally potent than fresh, organically grown fruit, vegetables, greens, herbs and sprouts, straight from the very source of life itself where nothing is missing or incomplete.

Uncooked, unaltered, unprocessed and unsurpassed in dynamic nutrients.

A raw and living food lifestyle not only turns back the clock, it reduces waste, conserves our precious resources and eliminates toxic chemicals that poison our environment, our bodies and our minds.

With the rawfood edge you can step into the realms of higher perception and youthful vitality with a clarity and awareness unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is the fuel that you have been waiting for to ignite your passion unify your relationships and give spark to the unique, creative gifts YOU have been blessed with to make a difference in the world – YOUR needed contribution.

Perhaps you are feeling a gentle tugging, an intuitive prompting? Are you being called to step up to the plate? Are you ready and willing to let go of habits, behaviours and a way of living that is breaking down people’s bodies and minds and in effect holding humanity back? A way of living that continues to be perpetuated as the best model for great health, longevity and great relationships, yet is proving over and over to be a dismal failure.

The world today desperately needs role models of this kind – people who have pushed through outmoded limitations and beliefs around health, ageing and relating and who have come out the other side into higher, joyful, more evolved ways of being.

Let me inspire and guide you through the unveiling of your beautiful, exceptional self into a life of unimaginable possibilities, a life your heart has been yearning for.

Radiating a better way, YOU TOO can lead others to a better way through being the illuminated change you want to see. That….. is how change occurs.

Passion flower is a strikingly beautiful flower. It is a valuable plant for this time. Passion flower restores passion and an enthusiasm for life. Many people are disconnected from /or unsure of what their passion is. Passion flower helps people get in touch with their passion and creativity. Passion flower opens the heart (compassion) and the throat (personal spoken truth). In a potentised elixir, it stimulates the heart, bringing “your heart’s desire” into the consciousness, and the knowledge of how to express this with integrity - into the world.
Katya is a Transformational Author, Teacher and Speaker, who in collaboration with Nature, initiates profound change. Rawjuvenate with Katya and The Rawjuvenate for Life Principles have helped people of all ages. Read more...

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